Rules - read!

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Rules - read!

Писане by T!n43t0 on Нед Мар 08, 2009 7:48 pm

1. You can write in English only in this part of the forum.

2. Posts with offends, with pornographic or indecent content are forbidden.

3. The signatures should not be more than 500x400 pixels.

4. Posts such as "Hi", "How are you?" will be deleted, except when they are in the chatbox.

5. In the galleries posts without pictures are not allowed.

6. Do not post repeating topics or polls.

7. Registering more than once is not allowed.

8. Changing of nicknames is NOT allowed, unless in special cases, announced by the admin.


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Местожителство : София, България
Любим тенисист : Рафаел Надал
Registration date : 08.03.2009

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